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Ben StoneBen Stone
13:49 25 Apr 23
Life changing, no doubt. Such a simple and non-invasive procedure, but you HAVE to get it done by professionals. Can't recommend SMP Africa enough.
Storme ConradieStorme Conradie
12:58 06 Mar 23
Kim and Lia go above to ensure you're happy and comfortable! They are kind, empathetic and give expert advice.
Jonny JJonny J
08:12 10 Oct 22
Kim and Lia are fantastic people, and their results are outstanding. Can't recommend them enough! If you're uncertain, book a consultation and see from there, you've got nothing to lose.
Zak SchabortZak Schabort
12:31 08 Oct 22
Wow - best in the business! Super kind professional and caring. They go the extra mile. ❤️❤️
Armand RautenbachArmand Rautenbach
19:57 28 Jul 22
Great service! Great results! You can’t go wrong! Definitely would recommend them!A great team - Lia and Kim and Steven
12:33 28 Jul 22
I am so happy with my experience here. I had a really bad smp done previously (at a different place!) and went to SMP Africa for help. They were the only place that could assist - I have been going for the Undo treatments and what a life changer it’s been. The most amazing staff. Thank you so much Kim and Lia!
Chey RougeChey Rouge
09:01 24 Mar 22
I would recommend SMP Africa to anyone who has an insecurity about their Hair/Hair loss/Hairline etc. This team will make you feel so welcome and help you regain your self-confidence. The procedure is not painful at all and results are quickly seen. Biggest Thank you to Kim & Lia for introducing me to this amazing process
Troy MalangeTroy Malange
09:39 23 Mar 22
I went to SMP earlier this year, I had a receding hairline and practically a none existent crown.The Consultation was highly informative, the staff is friendly and helpful. I left that meeting feeling optimistic that the prospect of a new hair line.I did four sessions with them and the results obtained are nothing short of a miracle. The SMP staff is truly skilled and experienced.I have a whole new found confidence. I don't wear baseball caps for nothing more than the sun ☀️Thank you SMP
Tsoanelo TakaendesaTsoanelo Takaendesa
12:32 10 Sep 21
Hygiene is number one priority for me personally especially during this time of pandemic and I was extremely happy to see how Kim and her team make it a point that the venue is super clean. The service, the comfort and the care they put is beyond! I can go on and on🤗. Keep it up team!
Chris NaiduChris Naidu
18:17 18 Aug 21
Hi currently on my third session and the results are amazing and so very natural. All my friends ask me if I am growing my hair because I always wore a cap.Kim and Lia are very professional and excellent artistic skills. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting SMP done.They are best in the business take it from me I am very fuzzy and they have meet all my expectations so far.Results speak for themselves. 😊😊
14:14 11 Feb 21
Kim and Lia are both amazing. I am so happy with what they have done for me. I would have given them 10 stars if that was possible. They are very professional and have good artistic creative skills. I will recommend their services to anyone interested. Greetings, Pieter Niemann.
Claire HojemClaire Hojem
15:31 03 Feb 21
I was diagnosed years ago, during a particularly stressful time in my life, with hereditary female pattern baldness. I was shocked. Surely I was far too young to be experiencing such hair loss?There were other contributing factors that were addressed through blood tests and minoxidil tinctures. I regained density and halted the process there, but as one ages there is only so much one can do. As a woman, so much shame is attached to this common taboo. I decided I wasn’t going to live with constantly checking my hair, or feeling self conscious in lifts or traveling on a tube where strangers tower over you. I was going to act. We happily discuss micro blading our eyebrows, why not take care of your hair? I would have I had acted sooner but firstly I didn’t know MSP existed and this level of realistic density creation simply wasn’t around all those years ago. I’ve seen some horrific eyebrow tattoos.The Cape Town Brandwood practice is stylish but reassuringly clinical. It is, after all, a clinic. Kim walked me through the process (I was very nervous about greying, blending etc.)You’d think I was the practitioner the amount of detail I wanted - I am very particular but my (many) questions were carefully answered and colour charts shown, skin tone matches done and eventually a patch test done. Only then, did we start.I’m a private person by nature, but have found myself sharing my story with friends that are suffering too and helped them start their journeys toward MSP.If my journey can help clear up this taboo and normalise a life-altering and within-reach treatment, then I’m happy. I don’t Instagram and I’m not a prolific Facebooker, but here I am. Sharing my story. Thanks Kim and Lia. ❤️
Darryl Michael WDarryl Michael W
12:26 30 Jan 21
Kim and Lia are amazing. Extremely professional, friendly and always a smile. Brandwood Clinic is pristine and their work & creativity is of the highest standard. I highly recommend their services and couldn’t be happier with the results.
Ziyaad SayedZiyaad Sayed
10:20 15 Nov 20
Great experience and result with this awesome team of professionals !
Jared BeeJared Bee
21:15 09 Oct 20
Kim and her team are just phenomenal! From the first interaction to the last, they were all incredibly friendly and professional at all times. I cannot commend them enough for their amazing customer service.The quality of their work speaks for itself. You are all gentle ladies and scholars! Thank you so much again to Kim and the team!